The GraphExe team are exploring the commercial potential of emergent research conducted by scientists at the Centre for Graphene Science at the University of Exeter.  This research has the capacity to reduce the cost and radically enhance the electrical, optical and mechanical properties of a wide range of products spanning a broad spectrum of industrial activity. 

The GraphExe team are exploring the business case for solutions that include; Patented conductive films that overcome the limitations of other materials; Conductive inks that meet the demands of the emerging flexible electronics industry; Nano Additives that can enhance the physical properties of composite materials.

GraphExeter is a flexible, transparent and highly conductive thin film material with extraordinary mechanical, optical and electrical properties.  The material is manufactured by intercalating Few Layer Graphene (FLG) with Iron Chloride molecules.   It tolerates 100% humidity and operates at temperatures >600 deg C.  Industrial scale manufacturing could overcome the environmental impact and cost of alternative materials.

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You are very welcome to visit and we would be delighted to talk to you as well as demonstrate the functionality and performance of these remarkable technologies.  

Postal address: Centre for Graphene Science, Exeter University, Exeter EX4 4RN, Devon, UK.

Email: admin@graphexe.ipportal.org